Anthropocentric Misjudgements

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Scientific knowledge on humans did not really correct the anthropocentrism of the politicians, lawyers and paedagogues.

Reactions of nature in exterior and interior world of humans because of fit lacking of nature conditions on the one hand and human acting on the other hand often work against the human value conceptions.

Therefore also ethical standardisation has to consider the natural basic conditions of human life.

The dispute in theology, politics, jurisprudence and educational theory, those social forces which standardize human acting, are carried by the anthropocentric ideas and ideals. The natural basic conditions of the human interior such as external life on the earth are completely forgotten thereby. Misery will be increased. Ethically oriented acting often works against the given ethical standards - also and straight of the christian ethics. Responsibility is here responsibility for each individual, which we send into this life, or not.

Ideas and ideals are the origin of human dignity. Dignity is not defined. The research of humans is therefore blocked, scientific innovations are obstructed.

Mankind is a part of natural life, a species of animals, whose existence bases deep in nature. We live in a dictatorship, in the dictatorship of the Hypersystem Nature. We have to adapt our life to this. Guardians, spanners at the borders to nature would make it possible to adapt human life, human acting to nature's conditions. But such thoughts are still very strange to the democratic majority of people.

Seriously the question must be asked to what extent a democratic government can intersperse necessities. People see the world from the First-Person- Perspective, it is the social-culturally view with value systems and social realities. They prescribe also laws for those which recognize at least their personal existence from the Third-Person-Perspective, doing this without considering the scientific knowledge of the conditions of life. -- An ethical problem!